The Shape of Sex

Getting in shape can help you get some women watch you, but that can not take them to bed. My sister told me her first kiss was with a fat guy, and it was good, as good as she wanted sex with him, because most women thinks a good kisser is good in bed. Same story on high school, in the last year I was talking with this girl, and she told me her first time was with a little fatty guy. And there is another story, about a friend and me helping a guy to conquer that girl. My friend is a little fat, and guess who get the girl, not the guy, but my friend, and he always get very hot girls. Wait a minute, Im not talking about becoming fat to get girls, what I mean is your body is not that important to get girls. Doing excercise at home may not help at all, going to a gym may help, not because you get in shape, but because you can met a lot of hot girls. Walking in a tape at home can help you loose some weight, but walking for the city can do the same and help meeting new girls. We are in a new age, where women ask the guys for sex too. Maybe that happened to you some times. But sometimes they are not the girls you like or want. You have to learn to get any girl for sex, and be you who choose, who decide wich girls you want and wich ones not. I know a man in his sixties, and some girls get close to him because of his money. Some of them asked him for sex, and I was present some times. He always says: I dont like to be hunted, I like to be the hunter, stop loosing your time. I used to think, no man will refuse a sex propossal from a woman, not from hot ones almost. But he did it. That day I realized age do not matter, body shape do not matter, money… well, it may help, yes, but I know broke guys doing well too. What matters is what they know about getting girls, and the way they do it. That’s what I propose you to learn. Any one can learn it, I assure you that.

White Lies Cheaters

People call “cheating” if you have sex outside your marriage, or if you break some laws, or if you dont pay some taxes, or if you break some rules. Yes, that’s not right things, but sometimes we cant do everything the right way, it’s too hard, or sometimes imposible. Sometimes things are not fair, or doing it the right way can only help bad things, like the so called “white lies”. When somebody is ill and their appearence is awfull, and you say “you look so beatiful” to make them feel good. There are little things, we do not the right way, but help others, or ourselves, without major consecuences. And there are others with very bad consecuences. A truecheater knows about all the consecuences for experience. We prefer to talk about the cheaters who make no damage to the others, like the white lies.


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Cavs claim CFV title outright

SANFORD — The game-winning hit by Southern Lee’s Will Shue last Thursday against Western Harnett got a whole lot bigger on Monday afternoon.

That’s because Union Pines suffered its third-straight loss to close out the season, falling to Douglas Byrd 7-1 on the road to finish the regular season a game behind the Cavaliers in the Cape Fear Valley Conference standings.

Down 9-8 with two outs in the bottom of the seventh Thursday, Shue lined a shot up the middle that scored runners from third and second to snatch the win away from the Eagles — and clinch at least a share of the conference title for the Cavaliers.

Southern Lee and Union Pines likely would have played a third game to decide the top seed from the conference if the Vikings had won Monday night.

And because the Cavaliers won the conference outright, they will get to host at least the first two rounds of the NCHSAA 3A state playoffs.

The NCHSAA will most likely release the official playoff brackets later today, but based on preliminary brackets Southern will host the fourth-seed from the Big East Conference — Northern Nash — in round one at 7 p.m. on Friday night.

The Cavaliers finished the season with a 15-8 record overall and 10-2 in CFV Conference play.

The Vikings were 17-7 overall and 9-3 in conference play. They will host the third seed from the Mid-Piedmont conference on Friday night.

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